Calls To Arms & Angels Tour 2022

Einlass 18:30 | Beginn 19:30

Wichtiger Hinweis

Das Konzert von Archive am 16.10.2022 im Pavillon muss ersatzlos abgesagt werden. Bereits gekaufte Tickets können an der jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstelle zurückgegeben werden.

Archive today announce their rescheduled dates following the forced postponement of their European tour due to founding member Darius Keeler’s cancer diagnosis.

The tour in support of the band’s twelfth studio album Call To Arms & Angels was scheduled to run throughout October and November this year, with the band playing some of the biggest shows of their career to date. The rescheduled dates will run in the same time period next year, with all tickets for the original dates remaining valid.

The only dates that were impossible to reschedule due to lack of venue availability were Hannover and Dresden, and refunds are available now from point of purchase.

Darius was diagnosed with colon cancer at the end of July and underwent surgery in London shortly afterwards, the surgery was a complete success and the prognosis for a full recovery is extremely good.

Darius has posted a video message on Facebook thanking the band’s fans for their support, saying “I’m totally overwhelmed by how many people sent their love and support for me, it’s amazing and you can’t believe how much it means to have that support, thank you all so much. We’re going come back so strong for this tour, stay positive with me and let’s smash it next year!”


Die Eintrittskarte gilt ab 3 Stunden vor Veranstaltungsbeginn bis 5 Uhr des Folgetages als Fahrkarte für alle öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel (2. Wagenklasse) im gesamten GVH-Tarifgebiet (Zonen ABC). Nicht übertragbar.


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